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established in 1985, the Orpington Club is dedicated to promote and protect this stately breed.

 The Ideal Orpington

An Illustration to accompany the Australian Breed Standard


The Orpington -a Grand Old Breed in an Exciting New World

The Orpington Club of Australia was formed in 1985 with its core responsibility to preserve, protect and promote this stately breed which came into being with so much fanfare into the UK poultry scene in 1886.
So while the Orpington fowl has been most successful for over 130 years both on the show bench and in the back yard as you will see from this article the breed has been plagued with some common issues over many years. Some of these issues relate to interpretation of the written word of the breed as contained in the Australian Poultry Standards but in recent times mostly arising from the proliferation of images of show winning birds -both good and sometimes very bad - on social media.

Never has the Club motto rung truer as it has now with the Club Executive having taken on the task to develop a visual representation of the Breed which we hope will better inform Club members and the general Poultry community about what a true Orpington (as outlined in the Australian Poultry Standards) should look like!


National Show 2018

Champion Orpington in Show

Bantam Black Cockerel

owned by C. Hardman

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Orpingtons. The Past, The Present, The Future.

written by breed doyen & renown author, Dallas J. Smith


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